Friday, 3 January 2014

Build The Home Back

Dear God,
Oh how I miss my childhood memories..
All the scented scent,
All the wooden bench,
I miss the old house in the forest,
I miss the place where I used to lay for rest,
And the gold memories hold tight in my chest..

Sometimes I wish to go back,
To the time past,
Where laugh is everything and sorrow never exist,
I miss the times I used to tell my mother everything...
I miss the times I could do anything..

But know,
If I don't walk forward,
People will come ahead,
If I don't walk out the past,
I will remain at last...

O God,
I miss the time when smile always stick to the faces,
Though money are few pieces,
Now that wealth overwhelming,
Smile frequently decreasing...

O God,
Make me glad, make me grateful, make my heart full..
Only with You..

Because I know, when I got You..
My hand is more than full...
Thank You God...

Allah, In Quo Speramus
originally designed by ThE DaRk ScAvEnGeR